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WHAT IS Mobile Marketing ?

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that aims to reach a target audience via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps on their smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Customers’ attention has begun to shift to mobile in recent years. As a result, marketers are following suit in order to achieve true channel engagement. Marketing is becoming more fragmented as technology becomes more fragmented. And, in order to capture and hold the attention of prospective buyers, content must be strategic and highly personalised.




Any promotional activity that takes place on smart phones and other handheld devices, such as tablets and other mobile phones, is referred to as mobile marketing. Mobile marketing aims to reach a mobile audience through methods such as mobile-optimized advertisements, push notifications, and mobile applications.

“The future of mobile marketing, in my opinion, lies in connecting the dots between online and offline media.” When combined with other, more traditional media, mobile is a powerful tool that should be viewed as the glue that holds everything together.”



Today, a large portion of the population accesses the internet via mobile device rather than laptop or desktop. The portability feature of a mobile phone allows a user to connect to the internet from anywhere and at any time. The growing number of internet and mobile users is driving a revolutionary trend in the marketing sector known as mobile marketing. Here are a few reasons why mobile marketing is so important these days:   

  1. Availability of prompt services at all times
  • People want services that are good, simple, and quick. They are looking for a service provider who can meet their needs at any time, from any location, and who is easily accessible. Using mobile marketing techniques, a company can contact a user. A customer can also easily provide feedback.
  1. Mobile phones have become an unavoidable part of daily life.
  • Mobile phones are an essential part of daily life. It is portable and portable, making it a popular device for e-commerce in leisure time.
  1. Mobile devices are used not only for online shopping but also in physical stores.
  • A physical store may also use mobile services for service and advertising. Many stores will save your phone number in order to notify you of special products and discounts.
  1. SMS Promotion
  • SMS and MMS marketing are revolutionising marketing. Users can now receive offers and discounts or be notified of sales via SMS or MMS.


  1. The Importance of Mobile Advertising
  • Marketing appears to be more effective when advertising on mobile sites or directly to mobile devices.



Mobile marketing is unique in that it reaches people where they are in real time. Furthermore, as more and more sales are initiated via mobile, it is an essential component of any marketing strategy. The majority of people spend time on the internet via their smartphones. Their days begin and end with mobile. I believe that the mobile phone is the first thing needed when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you use before going to bed. This means that your website has received more mobile traffic than desktop traffic. So, in order to expand and improve your business, you should implement a mobile marketing strategy.    

  • SMS marketing:

It is true that a user checks an SMS in less time. As a result, SMS is an excellent way to contact a customer and advertise to them.

  • Push notification:

A flash text message sent to users to advertise products and services. Instead of SMS, it is easily visible to the user

  • MMS marketing:

Text, video, audio, and image slideshows can be delivered to users via MMS to promote your company or products. Mobile marketing allows you to better understand the nature of your customers. You can verify a user’s service requirements and assist them via MMS

  • App-based marketing:

 A mobile platform-based E-Commerce App can be used effectively in business promotion. To make an app visible, simply maintain its search ranking in a store.

  • In-game mobile marketing:

 Previously, marketers would place promotional messages within games. This is known as mobile gaming or ad-supported mobile gaming.

  • QR codes:

A QR code is an alternative to typing a URL. Instead of typing a URL, one can navigate to a page by scanning a 2D image.

  • Bluetooth:

 Some marketers deliver content marketing via hotspot. It is a permission-based, radio-based technology that is completely free. It is an effective method of product promotion. If the user has set DND for such advertisements, they are extremely effective..  

  • Location-based services:

These services are only available through cell phone networks. It is used to deliver advertisements or other messages to users based on their location.

  • Voice mail:

Marketers can advertise their business by sending a voice SMS or a pre-recorded message without making the phone ring


Nowadays, it is critical for websites to be mobile friendly, as well as responsive. This is how you should invest in website design and user experience. You can easily obtain it by purchasing good responsive WordPress themes. Mobile optimization is the process of modifying your website’s content so that visitors using mobile devices have an experience that is tailored to their device.

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